About Us

Get the small stuff working for you and everything else falls into place. That means keeping food fun and interesting with twists on classic dishes, treats that boost health at the same time, fresh takes on workout shakes and exotic dishes made with alternative proteins. With the infectious passion and expertise of Niall’s cooking sessions, funky recipe edits and lifestyle, Niall offers a more joyful way to eat well and feel great in yourself.

Niall Kirkland

Who is he?

If you haven’t yet heard of Niall Kirkland, you soon will. Fresh off the back of the release of his first collection of recipes, Rather Delish, Niall invites us to join 100,000 followers sharing his journey to fitness, kitchen mastery and better wellbeing. Bridging the gap between healthy food and delicious eating, Niall marries his deep understanding of nutrition for wellness with a passionate quest for “a good bite”.

The Good Bite

What We Do?

As Niall says, “It’s about taking joy in the small things. Finding twists to make them better. What’s the point of living healthily if you can’t enjoy life anymore? You can only do the work and follow your journey if it’s a rewarding experience. I’m no saint; you don’t have to be to live well.” The Good Bite is on a mission to bring you some of your favourite dishes, alongside some new ones, with a healthy twist enabling you to enjoy what you love.