Chipotle Chilli Cheese Pasta

This Chipotle Chilli Cheese Pasta is a delicious, easy, one pan, weeknight dinner which is high in protein and packs loads of veg!

Fajita-Steak Vodka Rigatoni

A Good Bite twist on the viral Vodka Pasta – our Fajita-Steak Vodka Rigatoni is ready to 20 mins, absolutely delicious and the epitome of comfort food.

Creamy Fajita Wraps – Meal Prep

Our delicious Creamy Chipotle Wraps take 15 minutes to make,  are perfect for meal prep and low calorie. You’ll be excited for lunch every day of the week.

Tortilla Soup

An easy and quick summer soup recipe, ours Tortilla Soup boasts all the typical flavours of Mexican cuisine… a rich tomatoey broth, succulent chicken thighs, topped with oven baked tortilla chips.

Creamy Peri Peri Crunch Wrap

Creamy Peri Peri chicken, Perinaise sauce, crunchy nacho chips, melted cheddar cheese and chilli jam all wrapped up into a parcel of joy. Lightly toasted for extra crunch. This is a delicious, quick and easy high protein meal.

Mexican Beef Burger

The Tastiest Mexican Beef Burger, served with Chipotle-Mayo and topped with Brazilian Smokey Beans. It’s the perfect summer recipe to enjoy with family and friends!

Cheesy Taco Pasta

Our Cheesy Taco Pasta is one of those ridiculously comforting dishes that is actually not too heavy on calories and high in protein, meaning you can indulge whilst staying on track. 

Chicken and Potato Enchilada Bake

A bit of a random dish… I wanted to make enchiladas but slightly healthier, so I swapped out the tortilla wraps for potatoes and it came out delicious. Our Chicken and Potato Enchilada Bake is delicious, fuss free and will keep you on track even though it tastes like a treat.

Pulled Turkey & Jalapeño Mini Quesadillas

Ready in 15 mins, tasty as anything and the perfect way to get into the festive cooking spirit whilst staying on track. Our Pulled Turkey and Jalapeño Quesadillas are cheesy, spicy and complimented perfectly by the cool paprika dip on the side.

Chilli Cheese Pasta

Our Chilli Cheese Pasta is the epitome of comfort food. A little spicy, super cheesy, high protein and very easy to make.