Chicken Tikka Baguette

Possibly one of The Good Bite’s most fuss-free, easiest and quickest packed lunch options. Our Chicken Tikka Baguettes are incredibly tasty and ready in 10 mins. 

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Cook: 10 MINS


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In a large mixing bowl, mix together light mayonnaise, greek yoghurt, curry powder, smoked paprika, ground coriander and mango chutney until fully combined. Add a few splashes of water to mixture, this will loosen and create more a glossy tikka sauce, then add raisins and chicken breast and mix again. Season to taste with salt and pepper and mix once more.
Cut your baguette into 3 x 100g pieces, then open up each piece by slicing lengthways, without slicing the whole way through. This is optional, but you could lightly toast each piece by baking it in the oven for 2-4 mins, this will help the baguette not become soggy and stay crusty, plus it gives a better ‘bite’ when munching on it.
Pack 2 handfuls of lettuce into each baguette, then add chicken tikka filling, then garnish with red cabbage.
Wrap in tin foil or cling film. Your chicken tikka baguettes will keep for 3-4 days when refrigerated.

Nutritional Info

Per serving:

Cals – 500

Carbs – 39g

Protein – 43g

Fat – 17g


Serves 3

For the Chicken Tikka Baguettes:

  • Tbsp of light mayonnaise.
  • 150g of 0% fat greek yoghurt.
  • 3 tsp of curry powder, we recommend Shwartz curry powder.
  • Tsp of smoked paprika.
  • 1/2 tsp of ground coriander.
  • Tbsp of mango chutney
  • 2-3 medium tomatoes - finely chopped.
  • 300g of cooked chicken breast, we used pre-cooked, store bought chicken breast to save on time - cut into small pieces.
  • Cos lettuce - chopped.
  • 2 small/ medium baguettes.
  • 1/4 red cabbage - shredded with a potato peeler.

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