Fajita Chicken Mac N Cheese

This dish equals absolute perfection! Chargrilled chicken tenders, juicy onions and peppers, this has a little heat with a lot of cheese. Any excuse to whack out the cast iron, it seriously does taste better!

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Cook: 30 Mins


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Coat your chicken strips in oil and fajita seasoning and then set aside. Heat cast iron griddle until very hot then add chicken. Cook chicken for 3-4 mins, then flip, you should see dark charred marks on your chicken. Once chicken is cooked through, remove from griddle, then add onion and peppers. Cook onion and peppers until soft and slightly charred, then add chicken back and toss everything together with fajita seasoning, cook for a few more mins and then set aside and keep warm.
For mac n cheese, melt butter in a pan and sauté garlic for 1 min. Then add flour, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and whisk that together. Gradually pour your milk into pan, whilst whisking constantly until flour and milk combine to create a white sauce with no lumps (an electric hand blender can speed up this process).
Add cheese and stir into sauce until fully combined. Then, add cooked pasta to sauce. Serve immediately, add fajita chicken, peppers and onion on top of Mac n cheese and garnish with coriander.

Nutritional Info

1/3 of whole recipe: 

Cals – 723 

Carbs – 84g 

Protein – 51g 

Fat – 20g 


Serves 3

For the chicken:

  • Tbsp of neutral oil, for cooking.
  • 350g of chicken breast - cut into strips.
  • 3 tbsp of fajita seasoning.
  • 1 onion - cut into thin slices.
  • 2 bell peppers - cut into thin slices.

For the Mac n Cheese:

  • Tbsp of butter.
  • 1 clove of garlic - finely chopped.
  • 3 tbsp of flour.
  • Tsp of smoked paprika.
  • 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper.
  • 1 pint of semi-skimmed milk.
  • 100g of light cheddar - grated.
  • 300g of pasta of your choice - cooked.
  • Chopped coriander, to garnish.

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