Sticky Honey-BBQ Wings

So perfect for summer. Our Sticky Honey BBQ Wings are baked for crispiness and tossed in the stickiest, punchiest BBQ sauce imaginable! 

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Cook: 50 mins


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Preheat oven to 190°C/ 375°F.
Pat dry chicken wings using a paper towel, then transfer to a large bowl. Coat wings in plain flour, then mix together smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic granules, salt and black pepper before adding to wings and tossing until completely coated in seasoning.
Transfer wings two lined baking trays, splitting into two batches, brush or spray with coconut oil and then bake for 35-40 mins, until golden and crispy.
Meanwhile, mix together honey BBQ sauce ingredients until fully combined. Once wings are baked, remove from oven and drizzle with honey BBQ sauce. Using tongs, flip your wings to coat in sauce. Once completely coated, bake for 5 mins and then remove.
Garnish with chives and serve immediately. These go perfectly with a soured cream-chive dip!

Nutritional Info

Per 3 wings:

Cals – 304

Carbs – 13g

Protein – 22.7g

Fat – 17g


Serves 7-8

For the Chicken Wings:

  • 20 wings.
  • 2 tbsp of plain flour.
  • Tsp of smoked paprika.
  • 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper.
  • Tsp of garlic granules.
  • Tsp of salt.
  • 1/2 tsp of black pepper.
  • 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil.

For the Honey BBQ sauce:

  • 150ml of BBQ sauce.
  • 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup.
  • 4 tbsp of honey.
  • Tbsp of hot sauce.
  • Tsp of garlic granules.

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