Chipotle Chicken and Shrimp Tacos

This Chipotle Chicken and Shrimp recipe covers all bases. It’s healthy, its has a punchy chipotle flavour throughout the fillings, with the toppings being the perfect compliment, creating an amazing mouthful with each bite. 

Creamy Cajun Chicken Orzo

Our Creamy Cajun Chicken Orzo is a must try and the absolute epitome of comfort food!

TGB Chicken Birria Tacos

If you know, you know! This is not an authentic Birria Taco recipe but it’s very much streamlined, saving you a lot of time whilst still ensuring maximum flavour and joy.

Barbacoa Chicken Burrito

Our Barbacoa Chicken Burrito is one tasty lunch or meal prep option. High protein and ready in 30 minutes, without sacrificing any flavour. This epitomises indulging whilst staying on track.

Healthy But Ridiculously Tasty Tacos

We wanted to give you a healthy chicken Taco option that wasn’t super unhealthy and doesn’t involve hours of time in the kitchen. These are self explanatory, Healthy but Ridiculously Tasty Tacos that you will be making multiple times a week!

Fajita Chicken Mac N Cheese

This dish equals absolute perfection! Chargrilled chicken tenders, juicy onions and peppers, this has a little heat with a lot of cheese. Any excuse to whack out the cast iron, it seriously does taste better!

Peri Peri Chicken Quesadillas

Very simple, very quick but very tasty and super satisfying! Our Peri Peri Chicken Quesadillas are the high protein, quick dinner you didn’t know you need.

Mexican Grilled Corn

Our Mexican grilled corn is an essential accompaniment to your BBQ mains. Juicy sweetcorn, tangy feta, intense paprika chilli mayo, these are delicious and we’re so excited to share!.

Steak Potato Nachos

If you love nachos, but want to avoid the corn chips, but also love steak and impressing a group of people with your food, then our Steak Potato Nachos are for you! .

Taco Chicken Meal Prep

Ridiculously tasty and juicy chicken thighs, served with Mexican rice, salsa, avocado, black beans and the rest!  Our Taco Inspired Meal prep will help you keep on track whilst eating some really tasty food.