Hot Honey Chicken Burger

This Hot Honey Chicken Burger is absolutely sensational, a crispy chicken breast coated in our delicious Hot Honey sauce, it’s sweet and spicy and will leave a tingling sensation in your mouth.

Peri Peri Chicken Burger

This Peri Peri Chicken Burger is one of the tastiest things you could possibly eat! Crispy chicken breast, covered in our Creamy Peri Peri sauce, with garlic mayo and toasted brioche bun.

Garlic-Honey BBQ Chicken Burger

Crispy oven-baked chicken breast, coated in a delicious and sticky Garlic-Honey BBQ sauce, all made into a quick and easy burger. And yes…. This is a Light Bite which means under 500 calories!

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

There is nothing that screams BBQ as much as this Jerk Chicken Sandwich. Juicy chicken thighs that have been marinated in a homemade jerk marinade. Punchy, bold and a little bit of a kick from the scotch bonnet pepper. Unreal.

Mexican Beef Burger

The Tastiest Mexican Beef Burger, served with Chipotle-Mayo and topped with Brazilian Smokey Beans. It’s the perfect summer recipe to enjoy with family and friends!

Crispy Chilli Chicken Burger

Our Crispy Chilli Chicken Burger is semi-indulgent in terms of calories but fully indulgent in terms of taste and texture. A fiery and super crispy chicken thigh, served with a sriracha mayo, in a toasted bun… delicious! 

TGB’s Smash Burger

Smash burgers are the quickest and easiest way to enjoy a juicy beef burger and we’ve made ours as light as possible whilst keeping it juicy, meaning you truly can indulge whilst staying on track. 

Katsu Chicken Burger

Everyone’s favourite Chicken Katsu, but now in burger form and kept healthy. A Katsu Burger Sauce, crispy baked chicken breast, toasted brioche bun and home-made slaw, this is delicious!

No-Fuss BBQ Chicken Burger with Tomato Salsa

The perfect summer recipe. Succulent bbq chicken breast loaded into buns with all the fresh bits! We wanted to give you something that is quick and simple but guaranteed to be yummy.

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Sticky juicy BBQ chicken thighs, shredded then loaded into a bap, topped with homemade slaw. This is one hell of sandwich, sloppy but delicious.