Creamy Chilli Chicken Burrito

At 52g of protein per serving, this Creamy Chilli Chicken Burrito works as the perfect meal prep option to fill your fridge and keep you on track. They are absolutely delicious and couldn’t be easier to make!

Honey Chipotle Chicken Tenders

The perfect blend of sweet and spiciness, our Honey Chipotle Chicken Tenders are perfect to go in a wrap or serve as a high protein snack. Episode 2 of ‘All About Chicken Tenders’ season 2.

Hot Honey Halloumi Flatbreads

This best flatbreads I’ve ever eaten! Hot Honey Halloumi is a flavour combo made in heaven, that with the Harissa Hummus makes for a perfect, light and summery flatbread. These are super fresh, nutritious and ready in 15 mins.

Chilli Beef Meal Prep

Our Sweet Chilli Beef Stir Fry is the perfect, low calorie meal prep option. It’s ready in 15 mins, the flavours match that of your favourite Chinese takeaway and it will keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Cinnamon Bun Banana Overnight Oats

High protein, overnight oats that taste just like a Cinnamon Bun – they’re healthy, easy to make and the perfect breakfast for when you’re on-the-go.

Chicken Chorizo Garlic Baguette

Chicken Chorizo Garlic Baguette… this is a tasty, indulgent and high protein snack – ideal for sharing with friends.

Spicy Harissa Chicken Tenders

Spicy Harissa Chicken Tenders – Episode 6 of our delicious series “All About Chicken Tenders”.

Chilli Prawn Fried Rice

Spicy, easy and healthy… Three words that I like. And three words that describe our Chilli Prawn Fried Rice!

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro

Super fresh and delicious. A stunning weeknight meal that you’ll want to make time and time again!

We made this for under £5 using Napolina chopped tomatoes and spaghetti.

Cajun Gnocchi Alfredo

Our Cajun Gnocchi Alfredo is simply unreal, as well as being a healthy alternative. Soft, chewy gnocchi coated in a creamy parmesan sauce, served with a spicy cajun chicken breast.